Workshop conducted by State Bank of India Training centre – Panjim Goa

Workshop conducted by State Bank of India Training centre - Panjim Goa

On June 30, 2023, The state bank of India organized an informative Workshop on Financial Management, divided into two sessions, catering to the different learning needs of students from classes V to VII and VIII to X. The workshop aimed to equip students with fundamental knowledge about banking, loans, and insurance, fostering a greater understanding of financial concepts and their real-world applications.

The first session, conducted by Mr. Abhijeet Vaidya, was specifically tailored for students from classes V to VII. With a focus on the "Basics of Banking," students were introduced to the fundamental principles of banking, including savings accounts, transactions, and the significance of banks in our daily lives.

For the students of classes VIII to X, the second session delved into the intricate world of "Loans and Insurance," guided by Mr. Rajesh Kumar. This segment provided insights into the concept of loans, the different types available, and the responsibilities attached. The session also explored the importance of insurance, its various forms, and how it safeguards individuals and their assets.

Both sessions aimed at empowering students to make informed financial decisions and develop a sense of responsibility toward their finances. The workshop's interactive nature, coupled with the expertise of the speakers, encouraged active participation from the students. The Q&A sessions allowed students to clarify doubts and seek further understanding, creating an enhancing learning experience.

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