About us

Dear Members of Utkarsh Vidyamandir school family, Well Wishers and visitors,


It’s my immense pleasure to welcome you to the website of Utkarsh Vidyamandir. The initiation of this web page is an endeavor to construct a bridge between the school and its stakeholders. We have tried to create an online resource that furnishes all relevant information about our academic programme. Besides, through our website, parents, students and our school community can reach out to the treasure trove of events that take place in Utkarsh Vidyamandir.

At Utkarsh Vidyamandir, our primary goal is to impart education in such a way so that students would acquire knowledge to explore opportunities, solve problems creatively, and remain a persistent learner to keep up with the dynamic society. We follow CISCE curriculum, which has been designed to attain the national goals of education in general and bestow holistic and complete learning in particular. ICSE examination, the culminating examination of secondary education assesses the understanding of all concepts that have been taught across grades. Hence, to meet the requirement of ICSE examination, teachers and learners work together to set individual learning goals. Our teachers are ever ready to redesign teaching methods and promote comprehensive learning.

Apart from academic achievements, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are an integral part of our curriculum. We are privileged to have adequate resource to cater to the needs of the specially abled students.

Despite the excellent set of teachers teaching a well-designed curriculum in an apt infrastructure, parents play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the children. Their unwavering support makes our journey smoother. I am grateful to all the parents who believe in us.

Though our website will answer all your queries comprehensively, we encourage one on one parent-teacher interaction as and when required.

I am assured that Utkarsh Vidyamandir will indeed be an exciting place to teach and learn and our students will bring laurels to add feather to the reputation of the school. Above all they will grow up as a responsible and inventive member of the global society.